Currently in NYC— March 24th 2022

The weather, currently.

A dreary day with morning rain and afternoon showers.

We open the shades to puddles and raindrops on Thursday morning. Pour a plentiful cup of coffee because we’ll need the energy to get moving. The rain comes down steadily early in the day so waterproof boots are a good idea. We may get a few breaks from the rain in the afternoon but bouts of showers keep our day grey. Our soggy high temperature yawns its way to 53°F. It will be breezy and an easy day to nap the dreary hours away.

Bike Forecast:

2 out of 10

Stacy Blundell

What you need to know, currently.

A tornado touched down in Arabi Louisiana and New Orlean’s 9th Ward on Tuesday evening— killing one person and leaving devastation in its wake. As of Wednesday evening, thousands are still without power.

The impacted area has sustained multiple severe weather events over the past decade including Hurricane Ida, about seven months ago. Many are still in recovery from Ida which knocked out the region's electrical grid and left residents without power for months. Many homes still have tarps up on their roof from Ida damage.

Yesterday's tornado combined several risk-enhancing factors— striking an already vulnerable community at night.

Imagine Water Works— one of the key mutual aid organizations that helped during  Hurricane Ida recovery— shared links to mutual aid resources and places to donate.